Hyper Perception New Media Art



image credit: Shih Wei-Chieh


Yao Chun Han


Current Light




Scattered Coordinates


Shih Wei Chieh


The Higher Observation


Tivon Rice


Inner Babylon


Per Skovgaard


A Macrocosmic Zero


Satoru Sugihara


Random Accurate


Exhibition Dates: 2017/12/15-2018/01/15

Exhibition Preview: 2017/12/12

Press Conference: 2017/12/13

Exhibition Location: Chongqing Jiangnan District, Chongqing HSBC Road no.1, 2nd Floor, ADC Centre

Organizer : JingShan E-Cool ADC centre

Co-organiser: P SQUARE STUDIO

Exhibition Curator: Ping-Hsiang Chen

Adviser: DEZACT / MEP consultant



 The “Hyper Perception New Media Art Exhibition” is a cooperative effort between “P SQUARE STUDIO” and “DEZACT”, and hosted by the Jinshan E-cool Art Design Center. We invited five new media artists from the US, Denmark, Japan, and Taiwan to join us. Through art forms including immersive lasers, kinetic and wind powered installation, computer graphics, interactive lighting display and screen based interaction, visitors are brought to different brand-new “sensual and conscious” experiences through objects and space.   

Via diversity of technology art, the “Hyper Perception New Media Art Exhibition” presents its audiences with questions, reinterpretations, and understandings about technology, whilst at the same time proposing a discussion about the positive and negative impacts of technology on our lives. The term “Hyper Perception” encapsulates the current dominance of technology in our consciousness; it raises more complicated questions about human perception and multi-dimensional technology. The development of information technology enables people to realize reality from more diversified and broader perspectives, whilst simultaneously giving us the ability to reshape, change, and distort this reality. In the past, human perceptions were impacted mostly by factors such as society and politics, and the culture that individuals lived in or depended on, changed according to the subjective and objective angles of the observers and those being observed. However, due to the modern ability to control and change media and information transmission, the impact of technology on human perceptions today are more complicated and transcend those in the past. How should we respond to these new changes in the information era? How shall we face conflicts of perception created by technology? These questions are the sensual study focus of this exhibition. 

The “Hyper Perception New Media Art Exhibition” exhibits various forms of new media artwork, to invite the public to engage in essential dialogues about art and the notion that artists no longer focus on creating “objects” but “frameworks/systems”. It is at the moment when artists stop working on their works, that their creation just begins. We welcome your visit to the one-month long “Hyper Perception New Media Art Exhibition”, open between 12/15-1/15 and organized by Jinshan E-cool. 

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