Body Maze: Proprioceptive Space

+Multi-media and Art Workshop

Date: 18 – 19 and 27 – 28 August, 2016

Venue: National Taiwan University of Science , Taipei, Taiwan

Tutor : Ludmila Rodrigue




Course Introdution

By imaginative and physical experiments, the workshop will investigate, dissect and re-invent our relationship with the immediate surroundings. We’ll experiment actions and social situations that raise physical and social awareness. Expect games, being blindfolded and being guided, moving as a swarm, etc. We’ll use the simple act of walking as our main mode of relating to the world.





Day 1

10:00 – Meeting and introducing the artist and architect. Round table to meet the students. Introduction of the theme (bridge)

The artist and the architect may present their works with slides in conversation with the students. Possible 20 minutes break in between.

12:30 – Lunch Time

13:30 – Exercises at the school: starting at the classroom, then through the building. Exploring Haptics, proprioception, space perception etc. Discussion with students. End of exercises and reflection (discussion)

16:00 – Short Break

16:20 – Brainstorming of the theme BRIDGE as physical and metaphorical structure. Films and slides included. Preparation of prototypes to use on the next day: making an interface to “perceive” the space in an unusual way. This can be made of paper/cardboard/etc.

18:00 – Close of Day


Day 2

10:00 – Physical experiments at the university

11:30 – Discussion

12:15 – Lunch break

13:15 – Visit to the site Toad Mountain. Students must collect data (photos, videos or drawings), enough for a 3D digital reconstruction or a maquette. Define where the structure will be installed.

15:30 – Back to the University and refreshment.

16:00 – Discussion at the classroom: decision on the geometry and final position of the structure on the site

18:00 – Close of Day