Space Media Festival is an intense technique and production based  workshop led by leading architects and artists in the world.




The summer studio will be taught by professional architects, artists, tutors and graduates from the Architectural Association (UK), UCL Bartlett (UK), Southern California Institute of Architecture(USA), DXARTS / University of Washiton, Cambridge University (UK) and University of Westminster (UK) along with faculty from the host institute Taiwan National University of Science  (Taiwan)Shih Chein University  (Taiwan). Over the first four days intensive technical sessions will be given to equip the participants in associative design concepts and methodologies. The rest of the workshop will operate as a unit based design studio , where participants will respond to the briefs set up by the individual tutor based studios. Each studio will investigate digital design and fabrication procedures in relation to the condition and context of Asian cities , Taipei in particular. The aim of the design studio will be to introduce computational design and multi-media communication through using generative, algorithmic, data simulation and parametric design based techniques. Design proposals to develop new systems of mass customized building systems will be investigated through both physical and computational methods. Participants will use multiple software platforms for modelling, simulation and fabrication, towards multiple, variable and recursive prototypes for a range of urban conditions, driven by scenarios of future incremental, adaptive growth and change. Participants will get the opportunity to explore advanced fabrication techniques and gain the knowledge of the workflow from design to production. Alongside studio-based design tutorials, field trips,  seminars, and a series of lectures, and public seminars will address contempo­rary topics related to the theme of the workshop.




Over the 11 days intensive studio based program, participants will learn computation design  & digital media processes including algorithmic methods for time based processes, generative and parametric modelling systems and physics based simulation for working with the design prototypes that rethink architecture and built environment. Software platforms such as Grasshopper,  Processing ( Soft Modelling / Igeo). Max/MSP……etc  will be introduced to the participants depending on the studio choosed. Additive and subtractive machine design and build principle will be introduced parallelly as optional course for the full workshop registrators.





Lectures will be given by tutors and international speakers  to help participants building the knowledge framework for developing  design approaches during the workshop.




Practicing architects , designers, artists and academicians will be sharing their experience during the course of the studio.




The Lectures and Workshops will be in English and Chinese support will be provided if necessary.




CNC / Laser cutter / 3D printer / Vacuum form machine / Wood / Metal / Plastic workshop