Festival Organizer : National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, The department of Architecture / Stichting Modulus (NL)

Co-Organizer: Shih Chein University, The department of Architecture Design / National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – Digital Make Lab & 4.0 Industrial Make Lab / National Association of Interior Design 

Synopsis – redefining ‘I / WE / THEY’

The special theme in this pilot trans-context, trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary collaborative programme of 2016 is ‘I / WE / THEY’. This theme is at the core of both the Space Media Festival taking place in Taipei in 18-28 August 2016 and the Modern Body Festival in The Hague in October/November 2016. At the same time, the collaborative and explorative process led by teams of artist-architect will also span across both contexts. The concept of ‘I / WE / THEY’ is thus being subjected to diverse forms of engagement between the body, the space and the medium, as well as being embedded in specific cultural, social, technical and spatiotemporal conditions. We are exploring the effects of architecture, technology and digital communication, as they are fundamentally transforming the way we exist as a society, culture, species. Our focus is on the social body – identity, space, and community: how we interface with I/WE/THEY. Where do the limits of the self extend and where do the social bodies of group and community begin? How do we understand and position ourselves as individuals, while still feeling a sense of belonging and connection to an expanding global community? How do we exist, identify, and interact?  Furthermore, we want to explore the role of architecture and technology as central social interfaces between the I and the world, the I and the group, the I and the self. How do they impact our behavior, confront our habits, alter our experience?

Festival Format

For this collaborative edition, we have developed a reciprocal format: a DEZACT/NTUST-led, MBF-infected, 11-day workshop-driven festival in Taiwan, with a final showcase on the last day, and an MBF-led, DEZACT/NTUST-infected, 5-day showcase-driven festival in The Hague, with accompanying workshops (3 days of thematic 1-day workshops and symposia, and 2 days of exhibitions and performances).

>>>Workshop Brochure

Dezact/NTUST- led Festival Project Agenda

As intended and instigated by both festival organisers, the project brief has been formulated in response to an ongoing dialogue amongst participating artist and architects to unravel some of the most pertinent and polemical interpretation of ‘I / WE / THEY’ to be interrogated in the creative and critical projects:


– the ‘body’ redefined through the dissolution of corporeal boundaries and bio-technical augmentation

– the ‘self’ redefined through displaced, divided, duplicated/multiplied and prosthetic presences

– the ‘other’ redefined through relative, virtual and immersive interfaces

– the ‘space’ redefined through responsive and iterative process enabled by algorithm and agent-based tools

– the ‘public’ redefined through mobility, multilateral communication and distributed urban networks

– the ‘identity’ redefined through behavioural dynamics and telematic relations

and finally, altogether,

– the ‘city’ redefined through new notions of the previous six conceptual categories

We envisage that the creative and critical reinterpretation of ‘I / WE / THEY’ will thus be born through the interrogations of these seven categories by the five pairs of artist-architect while working across both contexts of Taipei and The Hague.