Agent-based computational design workshop

+Processing Workshop II

Date: 20 – 21 and 27 – 28 August, 2016

Venue: National Taiwan University of Science , Taipei, Taiwan

Tutor : Satoru Sugihara



– Processing by Casey Reas and Ben Fry (MIT)


Course Introdution

Participants start with intense tutorials of basics in coding in Processing (participants are not required to have experience in Processing but if all participants have experience, basics are skipped). Then they learn basics of agent-based algorithms with self-updating behaviors and inter-agent interaction behaviors. Then after that, more specific types of agent-based algorithms such as generative design techniques with branching algorithms, physics simulation with particles and force fields, and swarm algorithms. Participants work on a quick design project of combining multiple agent-based algorithms of generative algorithms and physics simulation algorithms to design complex, generative but efficiently self-optimizing structure considering tension and compression material property.

Through those tutorials and exercise, participants acquire basic coding skills in Processing, understanding of general agent-based algorithms, knowledge of various types of agent-based algorithms useful in computational design and skills to apply, combine, and integrate algorithms to design and produce physical structure with generative and self-organizing complexity.


0. Intro to Processing

1. Introduction and Fundamentals

2. 3D Vectors and NURBS Geometries

3D Vector Math
NURBS Curve and Surface
More Modeling Methods
Transformation of Geometries

3. Multi-Agent Algorithms l

Classes in Object-Oriented Programming
Class Inheritance
Multi-Agent Algorithm: Update Method


4. Multi-Agent Algorithms

Multi-Agent Algorithm: Update with Vectors
Multi-Agent on A Surface

5. Physics Simulation and Swarm

Newton’s Law and Particles
Tension to Particles
Tensile Line Network
Swarm Algorithm
Making A Custom Agent (Particle Base)
Particle-based Branching Algorithm with Spring Force
Network Growth Agent





  • Reas, Casey, et al. Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists. Cambridge MA: The MIT Press, 2007.
  • Online tutorials of iGeo library,