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Interactive laser / three dimensional patterning

+ Multi-media and Art Workshop

Date: 18 – 19 and 27 – 28 August, 2016

Venue: National Taiwan University of Science , Taipei, Taiwan

Tutor : Shih Wei Chieh





Course Introdution

To bring the “environment data collector installation” to life, the structure will physicalise a period of time, by printing computed  patterns over its skin, through the technique of printing onto ink (which Wei Chieh Shih has developed). We will perform three dimensional laser  dye over time, using two computational control laser printers.  The printing process will be guided by a custom made software, developed by Wei Chieh Shih, which allows the recording of environmental  data, as well as its translation into three dimensional projection.Therefore, “Time, memory and identity” will be transferred into geometric patterns  which emerge on the fabric over time, producing an active channel between spaces and territorial culture conventions.

Students will learn the basic environment in Max/Msp, specific in the audio, visual data matrix translating, audio pitch analysing, students will have hands-on practice and introduction for photosensitive process for the laser dye on fabric in real time. Circuit design for audio amplifier will be introduced as part of the programable laser hardware control, the goal is to introduce experience to work with programmable photosensitive material and establish basic computational audiovisual sketch abilities.






1 – The Basics: Objects vs. messages vs. comments; ordering of operations; math in Max; scaling and

mapping ranges of numbers;

2 – Basics of modular programming; live audio input; recording sound files; simple data storage.

3 – useful GUI objects; more data storage; basics of synthesis.

4 – Jitter/MSP objects like peek~, poke~, for computational drawing, OpenGL matrix data for laser drawing.

5 – laser drawing and audio sync, create small audiovisual piece on fabric.


Photosensitive processing with programmable laser

1 – Cyanotype ink, Vandyke ink mixing, multi coloured Cyanotype.

2 – Field recording audio frequencies and laser path transferring.

3 – Max/msp patching, fabric patterning for final presentation.