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指導老師 Instructor


Igor Pantic

*  Unit Master of RC6,  MArch Architectural Design (AD), UCL
*  Former Lead Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects
*  Director of AA visiting school, Vienna

Igor Pantic is an architect and computational designer based in London. Currently he is a visiting lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, where he is teaching B-Pro Research Cluster 6 at the March Architectural Design (AD). He is also the co-director of the AA Visiting School in Vienna. In addition to this, Igor has lectured and taught computational design workshops internationally. His current interests are focused on generative design methodologies and research into material and behavioural systems informed by algorithmic logic. As part of his research, he’s been exploring the connection between the advanced digital tools and low-cost fabrication techniques and material computation. Prior to May 2018, he spent 7 years at Zaha Hadid Architects, where he worked on a large number of high-profile projects, including recently completed 520 w28th Street (NYC), and under construction projects as SOHO Leeza Tower (Beijing) and Grand Theatre de Rabat. Igor holds a Master in Architecture and Urbanism (AADRL) from the Architectural Association in London, as well as M.Arch/ diploma from Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (Serbia).


Jia Hao Syu

*  Designer at MYAA Architects
*  Worked at Mamou-Mani Architects

*  Graduate MArch Architectural Design (AD), UCL

Jiahao is currently a UK based Architecture Designer and co-founder of Ironlady Industrial Ltd. He earned his bachelor degree in architecture in Taiwan and further completed his Master in Architectural Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture,UCL in London.  His research interest focuses on new approach of fabrication methods, pushing the boundary of low cost material and geometry based component system to create large scale projects with self-supporting structural strength . His works have been showcased in UK prestigious firms such as Arup and Zaha Hadid Gallery. He has worked as architecture fabricator, computational designer and 3D modelling consultant over a wide range of projects in MYAA Architects, Mamou Mani Architects, Design Haus Liberty, Jieshen Technology and more, as well as been involved with teaching a computational program at Bartlett.  Projects he has worked on include North Harrow Community Centre(MYAA), DNA of making (ARUP & Mamou Mani), Ochirly fashion brand office space (DH Liberty) , Giant Headquarter (JJP & Jieshen Techology) and more, covering multiple disciplines such as architecture, product design,  engineering, fashion  and digital fabrication.  His crossed field experience has equipped him with various technical skills and allowed him to link digital and analogue process together to form a unique design approach to tackle high complexity projects.  In 2018 DEZACT edition, Jiahao will be one of the instructors leading the material research and computational workshop.


Clive Eveleigh

*  Director at  Architectural Pursuer
*  Ex-director at WWWarc

*  Adjunct professor at  Shih Chein University, Architecture Design

Clive Eveleigh is the director of Architectural Pursuer and the ex-director of design at WWarc.Taipei. He is the founder of ZERo-studio, an architectural practice which recently reoriented its focus from a design company to a research platform to address the new transitional environment caused by the need for the built environment to adapt to the new reality. He has been teaching Architecture at Shih Chien University Taipei since 2007. He is currently the programme director of the cross department (fashion, visual communication, industrial design and architecture) digital fabrication course. He learnt sustainable architecture under the recent Canadian Gold medal winner Peter Busby at Busby Perkins and Will in Vancouver and is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council since 2005. He has a vast amount of professional experience having completed projects in all sectors in the UK, Canada, Taipei and China. His teaching focuses on issues of sustainability and new technology, crossing all disciplines from adaptive art, fashion, and the environment, seeking to identify issues that may challenge society, solving them creatively.

演講老師 Lecturer


Manuel Jiménez García

*  Programme director of MSc Architectural Computation, UCL
*  Co-founder and principal of madMdesign
*  Co-founder of Nagami
*  Unit Master of RC 4,  MArch Architectural Design (AD), UCL

Manuel Jimenez García is the co-founder and principal of madMdesign, a computational design practice based in London. His work has been exhibited worldwide in venues such as Centre Pompidou (Paris), Canada´s Design Museum (Toronto), Royal Academy of Arts (London), Zaha Hadid Design Gallery (London), Clerkenwell Design Week (London) and X Spanish Architectural Biennale (Madrid). Alongside his practice, Manuel has lectured, taught and attended juries internationally. He is currently a lecturer in Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL (London). He is programme director of MSc Architectural Computation (AC), and co-founder of UCL Design Computation Lab. He runs Research Cluster 4 at the MArch Architectural Design (AD) and MArch Unit 19; in addition, he curates Plexus, a multidisciplinary lecture series based on computational design; he is also the director of the AA Visiting School Madrid. His academic research has been widely featured in publications and international conferences such us Fabricate, Ecaade, Aae and Acadia. He has recently been awarded with the Best Emerging Research Award in Acadia 2016 Posthuman Frontiers. Manuel holds a Masters in Architecture + Urbanism (AADRL) from Architectural Association and a Masters in Design and Computer modeling from CICE new technologies professional school. He has worked as an architect for the offices of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Minimaforms and Amid(cero9), participating actively in multiple international recognised projects.


Eric Yu

*  Principle at Atelier Superb 
*  Architect at 游麲建築師事務所
*  Principle at Super_b Studio 
*  Graduate  RC 4,  MArch Architectural Design (AD), UCL

游麲目前為Atelier Superb 極製設計所及游麲建築師事務所的創辦人兼主持建築師,成立學術研究單位Super_b Studio並任教於台灣東海大學及逢甲大學建築系。2017於英國倫敦大學巴特雷建築學院取得第二個建築碩士,數位設計與數位製造開始對其建築創作思維產生影響。他曾任職於Behet Bonzio Lin architekten清水建築工坊擔任設計部經理,專案作品曾得到德國AIT Award,個人作品曾於台灣多處展出,並曾參展橫濱三年展、倫敦數位建構週等國際展覽。